Building momentum starts with taking one step, then another, and then another. In time, these steps will become a habit and a part of who you are. The tough thing about developing a new routine is that you typically have to make time for it or give up something else to make it happen. It’s often easier said than done … Read More

Adjacent ideas

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Facing increasing competition and the prospect of moderate growth, restaurants are starting to deliver food. Food delivery isn’t a new idea.  However, the concept was enabled by technology and the demand for quality food. Finding new ways to stimulate growth isn’t as hard as you might think.  Adjacent markets or industries may offer clues about what to do next.  It’s … Read More

The human-tech relationship

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Humans create technology and it creates us. It impacts how we think about doing business and how we relate to others. Technology can help expand our awareness, bring people closer, and increase the speed of production. It can also separate us. Technology can be hard to avoid, particularly when we can’t always perceive that it is there. At times, it … Read More