Modern can look easy.  The clean lines, fine details, and pure forms can look deceptively easy to make.  “Anyone could have designed that!” might be something said about a new sleek glass building or new simple furniture.

The reality is much different.  Creating modern objects, whether it’s architecture, products, or new technology, constantly involves distilling, defining, and stripping away.  The intent is to reach have that object become the embodiment of an idea or concept.

Getting to that point requires discipline, patience, and the ability to say no.  Not everyone likes modern buildings or spaces because they can overwhelm the individual or simply feel impersonal.  However, when done right they can elevate the human spirit.

Being very clear about who you are—isn’t that what people and organizations should be doing?  Social media, in particular, has enabled individuals and companies alike say whatever they want, whenever they want, at any time.  Having a clear and consistent voice seems is a rarity.  It’s tough to develop this voice because it requires one to know themselves and perhaps the value they provide.

[Photo: Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC]

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