Striking a balance: The Diplomat and the Lone Ranger in leadership

In the world of personal leadership and work styles, it’s essential to adapt to the structure, system, or process you’re navigating. Two distinct approaches can be employed to achieve this: the Lone Ranger and the Diplomat. Knowing when to use each approach and striking a balance between them can make all the difference in moving your projects forward. The Lone … Read More

Anticipating change and seeing possible futures

No one likes surprises. Observing patterns of behavior can help you envision possible future scenarios. To anticipate what’s coming, pay attention to conversations, actions, and trends around you. Imagine how things might look tomorrow, next week, or next year. Connect the dots between your observations and potential future outcomes. Consider what needs to change to achieve that vision and determine … Read More

Motivation on the front lines

Making changes at the lower levels of a group or organization can be simpler since you deal with challenges daily. You can try new ideas and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t compared to people higher up. Remember what you’ve tried so you can use that knowledge to help your team work better together in different situations. As you … Read More