What if someone does not want to be part of a community? A person may be friendly and sociable, but they appear to not be interested in developing deeper relationships with the members of the group.  I have found it helpful at these points to simply go silent, listen, and seek understanding.

Questions for Clients

Here are a few of the questions that I like to ask clients as I start to work with them: What is your vision? What is your greatest challenge? How do you cope with the unknown? What do you fear? I find that understanding the answers to these questions gives me a deep sense of what drives a leader and … Read More


I found this interview in The Telegraph with Ian Bremmer to be interesting and I’ve added his new book Superpower to my reading list.  Regarding the comments made about China, I remembered reading this insightful article in the Harvard Business Review last year on Chinese innovation. After reading Mr. Foster’s interview with Mr. Bremmer, I was left wondering about the nature of strategy in a volatile, … Read More