Open to new ideas


Every employee, regardless of their level or position, can contribute to company growth. The most junior employees in a company can contribute by staying curious and identifying areas for improvement. They can provide fresh perspectives on products and services, suggest new marketing channels or techniques, and offer insights into changing customer needs and preferences. Additionally, they can contribute to improving … Read More

Making change stick

uncovering a company's rhythm

Events in life come and go. But the stories we tell ourselves tend to stay the same. Want to figure out how to incorporate a change into the way you live or work? Think about how the stories you tell yourself would shift. When you get a handle on your inner monologue about the change you are making, it’s much … Read More

You need rhythm

you need rhythm

When it comes to the inner workings of an organization, there are often subtle cues that show you how things are running and where it’s going. One great way to get a sense of what’s going on is to tune into the rhythm of the organization. Pay attention to the speed at which employees move through tasks and projects, how … Read More