Overcoming complexities with a step-by-step approach

I could easily envision the desired outcome and how incredible the end result would be. However, once I began figuring out how to make it happen, I tended to back off as things suddenly became complex. That was early in my career. Change often appears simple from afar, but as you delve deeper into the process, it becomes increasingly challenging. … Read More

Building Up or Tearing Down: Striking the Right Balance

building up or tearing down

A constructive approach focuses on nurturing and empowering people, teams, and organizations, even when mistakes are made. By adopting this approach, you can bring people along with you. On the other hand, a destructive approach challenges and dismantles behaviors, systems, cultures, and processes. While this may seem counterproductive, it can sometimes be necessary to create meaningful change. Starting fresh can … Read More

The art of subtraction

Remarkable ideas emerge when we pare down to the essentials. It’s a natural inclination for people to go in the opposite direction: piling on bells and whistles, under the impression that users want them, perhaps in an effort to make the offering more interesting. Don’t fall for that trap. The sweet spot lies in harmonizing customer desires, budgetary constraints, timelines, … Read More