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Tension is the state of being stretched.  It can be caused by a force that either pulls or pushes another object, person, or situation.  Tension can be found in relationships between people, businesses, and groups of people.  In the natural world, it can be found on the surface of water as it resists an external force. Within a network of people, … Read More

Strong bonds

Anacostia park

Building a successful business ecosystem is dependent upon unifying all aspects of an organization. The vision of the leader serves as the guiding force as a company develops over time. Information, materials, products, and services need to flow easily from point to point or from person to person across an organization’s network. Friction impedes flow. Disgruntled or disillusioned employees, ineffective communications … Read More

Navigating currents

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Growing up near the ocean I learned very quickly about the danger of currents.  There were tidal currents that came daily in and out of the bay.  You didn’t want to be in the water near the mouth of the bay when this was taking place.  Where the waves were breaking you could find water sometimes moving perpendicular to the … Read More