Passing time

Never looking back. Leaving your old self behind. Moving on. Why does it matter if you go back or not? The thought patterns, habits, and routines that got you to this point are not the same ones that will carry you forward into the future. “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river … Read More

Stimulating growth through getting things done

There are many ways to process information: Through a recording device such as a smartphone, app, or video camera. Computer, such as a laptop or desktop Taking notes in a notebook or sketchbook (my preference) Observation, using our human senses I find that everyone records and processes information differently. People have different systems for documenting what they’ve heard or viewed, … Read More

The scattering of resources

Overspending doesn’t just happen over the holidays. People do it daily.  People spend their money on things they don’t necessarily need, but have the ability to buy. They also spend their time doing things that are not helping them get to where they need to go. You should consciously be working to manage your time like you manage your financial … Read More