GM is going all electric

GM is joining Volvo and Volkswagen as a car company that has committed to going all electric in the future: In recent months, a number of manufacturers have announced plans to “electrify” their product lines. All Volvo models launched from 2018 and beyond, for example, will use either hybrid, plug-in or pure battery-electric drivetrains. Last month, Volkswagen AG said it … Read More

Gerrymandering is driven by both technology and politics

The background: About as many Democrats live in Wisconsin as Republicans do. But you wouldn’t know it from the Wisconsin State Assembly, where Republicans hold 65 percent of the seats, a bigger majority than Republican legislators enjoy in conservative states like Texas and Kentucky. The United States Supreme Court is trying to understand how that happened. On Tuesday, the justices … Read More

The last human job – caregiving?

Mass automation will have an impact across the various sectors of the economy and touch many industries.  Research organizations are working now to determine what will happen as technology advances and human jobs will be partially or fully replaced by a machine. It’s been a question at the center of decades of science fiction, and one that’s taken on increasing real-world urgency … Read More