Your narrative


Who are you working for every day? Yourself? A cause? A company? Technology? A process? It’s important to understand who’s in control of what you think and do on a daily basis. Are you in charge? You should be.

Questions for leaders

paper boats

Leadership opportunities can come quickly and whether you want them or not. Here are 20 practical questions for people who may suddenly find themselves leading others: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What’s your vision [going to be]? What do you value? What do your customers value? What resources are available to you? What do your customers need … Read More

Redefining average


Mediocre is just good enough and fits the mold.  You shouldn’t expect too much in terms of ability, performance, or quality.  It looks the part but there may not be much under the hood.  Average is ok. Increased levels of performance and higher levels of quality are foreign and require more effort.  To get here you must be willing to … Read More