Depth and breadth

parking garage and tree

When looking at a proposal, someone else’s project, or even my own writing I check the depth and breadth of the piece.  Has this work gone deep enough into the subject matter and wide enough in scope?  If not, I send it back with a few suggestions for improvement.  Whether it’s a one hundred word blog post or a two thousand word … Read More

The small stuff

gas stove

Building a community starts with the choices that you make on a daily basis.  I work to make any encounter with a person or digital contact, however random, a quality interaction.  I follow-up after meetings, return emails, thank people for their time, and let them know when I like what they are doing.  These small actions and positive support when … Read More

Communication and creation


If you can communicate then you can create. The selection below from David Bohm’s On Dialogue is essential reading on the nature of communication. But of course, such communication can lead to the creation of something new only if people are able freely to listen to each other, without prejudice, and without trying to influence each other. Each has to be interested primarily … Read More