Chasing overnight success

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I enjoy reading about overnight success stories in business.  These are people or companies that have struck gold with new products or services.  Being in the right place at the right time seems to help as does having the right connections.  Clever marketing schemes have helped some brands.  Regardless of what is being offered, I’m actually more interested in the backstory … Read More

The nature of competition

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A successful venture capitalist makes investments in several companies working in the same industry. A leader tasks several competing people within an organization to come up with ideas to solve a problem. An individual develops three viable options for a new service. Competition can bring the best ideas forward.  When presented with a range of options, time will often tell … Read More

Depth and breadth

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When looking at a proposal, someone else’s project, or even my own writing I check the depth and breadth of the piece.  Has this work gone deep enough into the subject matter and wide enough in scope?  If not, I send it back with a few suggestions for improvement.  Whether it’s a one hundred word blog post or a two thousand word … Read More