The design process can help break habits.

How do you break a habit? By thinking critically about what you are doing. The design process can help one see all sides of a problem. It can also help people see that there are other ways of doing things. This quote from Presence defines what is at stake: “As long as our thinking is governed by habit—notably by industrial, … Read More

Creativity hack: you need a routine and space.

Photo by Stockbyte/Stockbyte / Getty Images This is what helps me be more creative: Take regular breaks and have alone time. Write daily. [compose a blog entry of two, take notes in sketchbook] Read daily. [science fiction, blogs, news, sports] Exercise regularly and eat healthy. [cycling, walking, or calisthenics] Expand my network daily. [in person, LinkedIn, Twitter] Listen to music … Read More

Design thinking + Systems thinking = Deep solutions.

What is a deep solution? It is a concept that is fully integrated with all aspects of an organization.  It is a design solution that has been pushed through all aspects of an organization to help create an alignment of business strategy, operations, products, service, and employee and customer satisfaction.  How do you achieve this? It starts with bouncing the … Read More