Creating change? Work with the system, not against it.

Building a better system starts with recognizing that you are actually part of it. You need to figure out how you relate to it. Some people use the term empathy to describe this process. Here are a few of the questions that I use to get started: Why do you think that this system exists? How did you get here?  What choices … Read More

Learn to communicate–design skill alone won’t sell your ideas.

Many people talk about making an impact. They may want to be involved with something that is meaningful or career changing. Or people may want to provide real value to those in need or solve a social problem.  But few choose to take the first step to getting involved because it involves the unknown and the ability to work with … Read More

Everyday design–not a process, but a mindset.

Here are thoughts that I’ve assembled for a talk that I’m preparing on creating impact with design: Treat everyone as a customer and with respect. Manners are important. Seek to help others even if you don’t have a clear cut solution ready to provide. This may open up new opportunities. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission. Don’t let processes slow … Read More