Education: 9 Books and 7 Videos that Will Change Your Perspective

Photo by hxdyl/iStock / Getty Images Part Two in this week’s series of posts on Education. Interested in changing your perspective on education?  Start with the reading and video lists below. The books and videos included will help one gain perspective on what kind of work needs to be done to improve the way children and adults learn, both individually and … Read More

Education – Where are We Going?

Photo by demachi/iStock / Getty Images Part One in this week’s series of posts on Education. I often wonder what would happen if we could start with a blank slate and reinvent the learning environment.  I got started by performing a quick internet search for “2015 education trends” and I summarized the top three articles–see below.  1.  This article by … Read More

Building an Ecosystem

How do you design and build a business ecosystem or an ecology in such a way to achieve the goals you’re trying to pursue? Design the system to fit into the context in which you are working. Start small and iterate often. Building an ecosystem starts with one person and the choices they make on a daily basis. I strive … Read More