I recently finished watching Alex Gibney’s 2015 film Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. The tagline for the movie is “Bold. Brilliant. Brutal.” The movie was informative and I learned one key piece of information about Jobs:  he was relentless. Whether creating, selling, or handling professional and personal relationships, Jobs possessed an intensity that drove him to never stop pushing the … Read More

Re-conceptualize Business

Business needs to be re-conceptualized as building community.  Leaders within this social system serve as facilitators to manage the interactions between the constituent parts.  In order to work effectively as a community, people need space, a sense they are contributing, and the capacity to relate to others. Inflexibility can disable an organization.


What if someone does not want to be part of a community? A person may be friendly and sociable, but they appear to not be interested in developing deeper relationships with the members of the group.  I have found it helpful at these points to simply go silent, listen, and seek understanding.