Constantly evolving

Transformation can be profitable. Especially when you know where you need to go. Having the ability to transform is another story altogether. Can you apply what you know in other markets or industries? When faced with the prospect of limited or no growth, you may need to learn to do this in order for your business to survive. The most … Read More

Innovating innovators

Do innovators need to innovate? Yes. People in the business of innovation should be constantly reassessing their position and testing new ideas. This enables evolution and growth. Even people working to help others grow need to be continually aware of emerging trends, problems, and opportunities.

The future is seductive.

I have started seeing a lot of “the future of _____ is _____” articles recently. Figuring out what’s happening over the horizon is a healthy exercise. Studying patterns and trends in any field can help one make an educated guess about what happens next and where you should take your business. In looking at the horizon and figuring out your … Read More