Learning machines

People have the opportunity to learn moment to moment, and over the course of a day, week ,or year. It may take a person a lifetime to learn a lesson. Often, people need time in order to fully process what they have been exposed to or they need a catalyst for the thought to really make sense or sink in. … Read More

Mind, body, and machine

Cycling is the unification of mind, body, and machine. The bicycle, as a machine, will go where you point it. Want to go faster? Then pedal faster or harder. The mind coordinates the your body and the bicycle to effectively make them work as one. Learning to ride a bicycle can be a challenge. Your mind senses five points of … Read More

Digital expansion

Digital tools expand one’s awareness and reach. They can also increase productivity and enable people to make connections that they would otherwise not perceive. When working in physical space and with three dimensions, people are tied to the patterns of nature: night and day, the rise and fall of the tides, prevailing winds, the passing of the seasons, or even … Read More