Natural cycles

natural cycles

There is a natural cycle of expansion and contraction that happens in life. It is not a bad thing, but being aware of it can help you prepare for your next period of growth. The cycle involves a period of expansion, followed by a subsequent contraction. During the expansion phase, we experience new things and take on new challenges. We … Read More

The modern alchemist

it starts now

Ideas are like alchemy. You take what already exists and turn it into something new. The key is not to find new ideas, but to see the old ones in new ways. This is what modern alchemy (i.e. innovation, transformation, growth, change) is all about. It’s about taking the familiar and making it different, taking the ordinary and making it … Read More

The bridge builder

There are few things more important than building bridges. By definition, a bridge is a structure that spans a physical barrier and provides a link between two points. In many ways, bridges are the unsung heroes of the modern world. They help us to cross rivers, connect roads, and even span vast oceans. But bridges aren’t just physical structures; they … Read More