Making changes as you go

Sometimes, it’s faster to change things as you go, rather than sticking to a plan you made at the start. This means your plans should always be open to changes. You don’t need to plan every little detail before you start! Finding the Balance When you’re starting something new, first brainstorm a basic plan and get some feedback. Remember, feedback … Read More

Ensuring Alignment in Company Vision, Strategy, and Culture

Corporate Alignment Strategy

At times, we come across solution proposals that may not cohere with the broader context of the organization. An instance of this occurred when I assisted a client in revamping their company’s vision, strategy, structure, and work processes. We were thrown a curveball when a new proposal surfaced, seemingly out of the blue. The client justified this by stating a … Read More

Decision-making for growth

decision-making for growth

Decision-making styles play a crucial role in one’s journey toward success. But beware, certain styles can lead to stagnation and inhibit growth. For instance, a risk-averse approach might seem safe, but it limits potential success by shying away from bold decisions that could lead to growth. Similarly, a reactive style of decision-making makes it challenging to anticipate and capitalize on … Read More