Work With Me

See your work from a new perspective

I work with leadership teams to facilitate strategic conversations, help them discover pathways to growth, and find opportunities to innovate.

I offer three different formats which can be combined if needed: Talks, Workshops, and Coaching.

To inquire about my rates and availability for an in-person or virtual speaking engagement, reach out to me here.


The focus of my talks is on how design and context can be leveraged to help people work smarter within an evolving workplace.


I help teams think outside the box and expand their perspectives. Structure, content, and format can be adapted to the specific needs of the group.

  • Strategic Conversations: Facilitated small group discussions to explore the future and ignite change in organizations.
  • Pathways to Growth: Consists of four modules including Discovering Opportunities, Understanding Context, Activating Change, and Following Through. Leaders can apply these skills to everyday challenges of all sizes.
  • Everyday Innovation: Focused on helping teams become aware of the small actions that they can take to create innovation in their work.
  • Visual Thinking: Basic drawing and visual communication skills for non-artists.
  • Single-Day and Multiple-Day Sessions


I partner with individuals and teams to help test ideas and courses of action. I’m your sparring partner as you build what’s next for your company.

  • Providing critical feedback on strategy or innovation projects.
  • One-on-One with executives or Small Group sessions with key stakeholders. I’ve also been effective in helping teams boost their creativity or overcome roadblocks in their work.
  • On-Demand Calls and Meetings

I’ve worked with multiple business types including architecture, engineering, construction, consulting, real estate, education, and technology.