Blogging everyday is not easy–but it is starting to pay dividends.

Looking to be more creative? Try committing to writing on a regular basis. You may find that the patience and discipline that’s required to do this may just free your mind. Creativity does not often come naturally to people, but you can work at it to get better. I find that writing everyday across a variety of subjects helps me … Read More

Perspective is everything.

A change in perspective is sometimes all that is needed to clarify the action that is required. The following selection from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game makes this point. This is a description of Ender’s first experience with motion in the weightless battleroom. “Instantly he flipped around, his feet flying over his head, and landed flat on his back against … Read More

Want to see the big picture? Look within.

What!? The big picture will emerge when you start to see the factors that shape your perception of the world around you.  Your company’s vision and values will influence how you see the external world where your organization operates.  Slowing down and stepping back helps, too.