5 books on the concept of design leadership.

The books included on this list will give you both a broad overview of design leadership and detailed examples of design leaders in action. The future is bright for people that can turn insight into action. 1. Design Leadership: Securing the Strategic Value of Design, Raymond Turner. The book is based on Raymond Turner’s extensive experience and insights into the effective use … Read More

5 videos on the concept of design leadership.

What is a design leader? They serve to break new ground for their organizations. Design leaders find the way through an uncertain or constantly shifting cultural, economic, political, or social landscape. These leaders can take their organizations in different directions. Their skill set is multidisciplinary and they are effective communicators and  collaborators. Design leaders are comfortable managing up in an organization and do … Read More

We name something because we want to define it.

The act of creating a title for an action, person, or process is an attempt to categorize or define it. If something is named, then it can be measured or even contained. People should be careful with their words because they have meaning and carry weight.  Consultants are notorious for creating words and frameworks to describe new concepts or ways … Read More