Weekly Roundup: Solopreneurs

This is a collection of articles that caught my attention this week with the theme of solopreneurs. The life of an entrepreneur is tough enough, but doing it by yourself is something else all together. Running a business solo can certainly be rewarding, but there are pitfalls and risks: running out of clients, not being good at sales, non-paying clients, … Read More

Expansion and contraction

I used to not like coffee. However, after being introduced to a café latte in architecture school, I never looked back. Once I started working, my relationship with coffee expanded exponentially. I began to notice the subtle differences in beans, the grade of roast, techniques used by baristas in various shops, and traditions in multiple parts of the world. Using fresh … Read More

Building a networked culture

Trust is at the core of a decentralized system. Simply put, one needs to know that someone working in another location or without direct oversight will complete whatever they say they will do and take responsibility for it. When people are given the space to create and solve problems on their own, then the expectation is that they will do … Read More