How innovation really works according to an HBR study–it’s a science

Innovation is tough to measure–but not when you have 3.5 million employees across 154 companies from which to draw conclusions.  Information was gathered using an idea management system called Spigit: Once you put innovation into a system like this, you can track everything. We know how many innovation challenges the companies are running, how many people are suggesting ideas, and … Read More

Petuum helps businesses start using AI

Who is Petuum? They are a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania enterprise startup that just raised $93M in venture funding to make it easy for companies to use AI in their particular line of work. Petuum has created an operating system and software that make it easy to train and deploy artificial neural networks on the servers or other types of computers that … Read More

Create sustainable and low-cost housing

In one of the most densely populated cities on the planet–Chennai, India–creating sustainable and low-cost homes is a priority.  It does not mean cheap and a premium is put on flexibility of space and use. Sustainable, low-cost homes must become the default option for builders and buyers amid increasing pressure on land and the environment, according to a leading architect … Read More