Who you are serving

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It’s easy for people to impress their thoughts on to others and imagine what people need to survive. Driven by profit, one can see the potential for almost any kind of product. Static methods of research and analysis are not effective in communicating the full scope of a problem that is always moving. When one takes the view that every … Read More

Things fall apart

train tracks

When everyone knows what’s important then people won’t have to debate what should happen next.  The answer will be apparent.  Whether you are talking about culture, strategy, or managing change, establishing your guiding principles will help keep you focused on what you need to do. Things fall apart when people aren’t sure about the path forward.

Always moving


The spread of ideas has been enabled by technology. When ideas stop flowing and people stop moving, the system becomes ineffective. Our way of life demands the movement of people and ideas in order to cross-pollinate with other cultures and to expand our base of knowledge and resources. Always on the move is becoming a new way of life as people … Read More