Is Community Building a Strategy?

It can be if you are interested in creating a business ecosystem or ecology based on balance and respect, and where everyone profits.

The Language of Landscape and Business

Anne Whiston Spirn speaks of the language of the landscape as parts of speech, each with separate functions and associations. “Flowing, like a verb, is expressed in both water and path. Water and path, like nouns are actions’ agents and objects; like adjectives or adverbs, their qualities of wetness or breadth extend meaning. Elements do not exist in isolation, but … Read More

Building an Ecosystem

How do you design and build a business ecosystem or an ecology in such a way to achieve the goals you’re trying to pursue? Design the system to fit into the context in which you are working. Start small and iterate often. Building an ecosystem starts with one person and the choices they make on a daily basis. I strive … Read More