Structural change creates friction–design reduces it.

Structural change creates friction. Political savvy and commitment to a long-term goal can help you create change that sticks. The most effective way to shepherd change is to work from both the macro and micro perspective. One should see the overall system as a detached observer and then zoom in to experience the details. Move back and forth between these perspectives … Read More

Der Raumdeuter and a lesson in leadership.

Effective leaders can see the space in and around their organizations. They are also keenly aware of how the pieces move, shift, or align to create opportunities that may be there one moment, and gone the next.  Learning to interpret space goes hand in hand with creating new opportunities.  Still not sure about the concept? Watch Thomas Muller of the … Read More

Space is opportunity and potential.

This is the second part of a three part series on developing a new language for business. The first part is located here.  In architecture, space is the volume or area created or defined by form and structure. It is the opposite of form.  The Oxford English Dictionary describes space as the following: A continuous area or expanse that is free, available, … Read More