Is Community Building a Strategy?

It can be if you are interested in creating a business ecosystem or ecology based on balance and respect, and where everyone profits.

Can a Business Function as a Community?

Photo by Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media / Getty Images I find that people are using the word “community” more often and I hear it in multiple contexts: business, neighborhoods, sports, and government among others. People usually use the word to describe the act of bringing people together. Businesses and organizations often talk about building or establishing community with the intent to make … Read More

Leading in a Dynamic Organization

How does one lead in a dynamic organization? Sharing. Vision, goals, responsibility, success, and failures are shared by all members of a community, platform, or network. Maximizing influence through this kind of organization is achieved by maintaining balance. It is the product of a heightened awareness of the connections, nodes, or control points in an organization. For me, it starts … Read More