Meeting preparedness


How ready are you for your next meeting? Do you know the purpose, what will be discussed, and who’s attending? Is the meeting necessary and what does the facilitator hope to achieve? Have you read the pre-brief and any background materials? Have you anticipated questions that need to be asked or problems that need to be addressed? Will a decision … Read More


light at night

Out to sea.  In the woods.  Over the horizon. Different rules apply when you are on your own.  When things break down, you do what you can to survive. Generating new business or figuring out what’s next is similar. The next opportunity often comes from where you least expect it. Will you be able to see it?  

Becoming irrelevant

brick wall

Embracing innovation is more than just working to develop new products, services, or experiences.  It can fundamentally change how you think about and run your organization. Be aware that innovation can certainly help a company generate more profit and revenue and help them stay competitive.  But it can also break down existing power structures and ways of doing business. The challenge … Read More