The way things should be

smooth rocks

The sharpest of stones will dull over time on the shore or in a river.  Experiences that were once exciting can lose their luster.  The shift from novel to mundane can happen over time or in an instant. How one perceives this change of state is a matter of perception.  As people, places, and things transform over time, they will still … Read More

Shaping communication


Open communication is not about sharing all there is to know about a particular topic.  It’s also not about sharing all of the related information on a subject.  That’s simply oversharing and can lead to information overload. Effective communicators provide you with the information you need when you want it and place it within a specific context.  Without context, the … Read More



Steady work is a luxury.  The reality is that it tends to ebb and flow.  Depending on your industry, business follows a pattern throughout the year when people are spending money and when they are not.  Within this annual cycle, there are weeks and days that tend to be more profitable than others. This requires business owners to plan ahead … Read More