How people work

Moon at night

There are a number of ways that people can accomplish tasks or complete their work:  early, on time, or late.  Or not at all.  The quality of a deliverable could always be consistent and people are persistent in getting it done.  Some people may take a circuitous path to get things done and others may work more directly.  If you … Read More

The structure of mediocrity

rock wall

The challenge with any kind of structure in business (or personally) is that it makes you predisposed to certain outcomes.  Perhaps this is a function of culture.  If your organization has a set way of performing a task, then the only acceptable answer is one that falls within a predetermined range of values.  If one’s solution or performance falls below … Read More

Local diners

local diner

When traveling I tend to skip the hotel restaurant and instead seek out a local diner.  Here I’ll find simple, unpretentious food, local people, and a view into what’s happening in a particular community. There’s usually seating at a bar where you can get a single seat with a view of the cook working over a grill.  The orders are … Read More