People want to belong and be a part of something larger than themselves.   Creating community is the secret for achieving lasting value.   How do you include people?

Are you a form-giver?

Early in my career on the drive back to Washington, DC from rural West Virginia after running a visioning workshop, my mentor asked me, “Are you a form-giver?” This particular architect and designer had studied and worked under Eero Saarinen and it wasn’t until years later that I fully appreciated the depth of the question.   Although Saarinen used the term form-giver to describe … Read More

Questions for Clients

Here are a few of the questions that I like to ask clients as I start to work with them: What is your vision? What is your greatest challenge? How do you cope with the unknown? What do you fear? I find that understanding the answers to these questions gives me a deep sense of what drives a leader and … Read More