Create impact through action.

Innovation is becoming an overused word. What’s next? It’s hard to say. Rather than seeking to categorize or define a process, how about simply taking action? It’s as simple as identifying a problem and developing solutions. Don’t worry too much about the tags or labels that people use to define their work. Make an effort to transcend definition. This is … Read More

Creativity is Hard Work – But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Photo by Christopher Bazeley/iStock / Getty Images Creativity becomes easier when you: Perform or practice your craft daily.  Surround yourself with like-minded people. Continue to grow and develop relationships with people in your creative network. New ideas are generally not the result of the efforts of an individual, but rather the collective as a whole. It takes someone working with … Read More

Take a Break from Technology

Can people be wrapped up in information and technology to the point where they are missing the larger movements in life?  I was reminded of this after recently rereading one of my favorite novels, Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. Published in 1992, it is a groundbreaking work of science fiction that interweaves a multitude of subjects: history, anthropology, archaeology, computer science, cryptography, … Read More