It’s about structure.

Reshaping and transformation are necessary for success in the new economy. Individuals and organizations need to learn how to apply what they know in different ways. It’s often not easy to do well, but here are a few things that can help you get started. It’s about structure. This way of working is built on a foundation of experimentation and … Read More

Push or pull

Is it easier to push or pull someone?  It may depend on whether or not a person wants to be moved. Instead, you should focus on getting a person or group to understand why  they should move. When motivated from within, people can be hard to stop. 

Culture is everything

Cultural differences occur when the values of one or more people differ from the values of others. The greater the difference in values between these people, then the greater the shock they will face when confronted with different outlooks or ways of doing things. Overcoming cultural differences are a matter of empathy. Do you have the ability to reach out … Read More