People do what they want to do.

The real challenge that leaders face: people know what they want to know and do what they want to do. Breaking through this barrier and then harnessing a person’s abilities is a daunting task. How do you get anything done when people seem to be more interested in themselves rather than your vision for the future? Reach out and build … Read More

Innovation or transformation? I’d pick the latter.

Given the choice, I’d encourage an organization to transform. This is where real change takes place. It’s hard work and can having a lasting impact on the people and processes that comprise an organization. This is the foundation of maintaining a consistently competitive business.

Be willing to help others.

Who do I want on my team? People that: …will challenge me. …are not afraid to offer new ideas. …will take the initiative. …can handle constructive criticism. …have a life outside of work. …are open to new ideas. …can work without a lot of direction. …are flexible. …can operate outside of their comfort zone. …are willing to help others. The … Read More