Quantum computing and the Landauer limit

Quantum computing? Let’s start here: Scientists Just Invented A Whole New Kind of Quantum Computer  (Wall Street Pit) This quote in particular caught my attention: According to the report, which used the Landauer limit, “computing will not be sustainable by 2040, when the energy required for computing will exceed the estimated world’s energy production.“ The Landauer limit – the energy limit that’s … Read More

There is power in personal experiences and connecting with others

The best businesses are formed out of personal experiences, according to Simon Sinek. Your experiences serve as a foundation for future growth, and your memories are like roots that can provide stability and resources. “So, there are many ways. A “why” is an origin story. It is the reason why we get out of bed in the morning. It’s the … Read More

The trail of electronic waste

  Greenpeace has taken aim at Apple when they mentioned that they feel like the latest smartphones are not optimal for repairs and for durability. This is something that concerns them as they feel this forces consumers to constantly purchase new products instead of repairing and maintaining the ones they have. What happens when Smartphones die?  What happens to electronic … Read More