20 questions on the future of Uber

  What will be the first thing that Uber’s new executive team will do when they arrive at the company? How long will it take for investors and customers to regain their confidence in the company and the direction they are going? How do you effectively detoxify a company without fundamentally changing the way it does business? How will Uber’s … Read More

20 questions on the future of design

  What will be the state of design in 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 years? Will design agencies still exist given the current trend of corporations hiring their own design staff? Will corporations become agencies of design? Who will consider the public good? What is the potential that exists in a design-informed citizenry? How will design be defined? What … Read More

4 thoughts on creating

Turning an idea into reality can be something that is plotted over time or it can occur spontaneously as just the right combination of factors align. A person’s will can shape an outcome through careful management of the people and resources that may influence it’s success. Getting hung up on the details of execution can slow you down as much … Read More