Unravel the organization of anything


Over the years I’ve learned that understanding structure is crucial for unraveling the organization of anything—be it our bodies, city streets, or companies. Structure serves as the backbone supporting every system. I’ve come to appreciate that structures can be diverse in nature, stemming from basic patterns such as symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, linear, clustered, centralized, or even a mix of these. … Read More

The ecosystem view

the ecosystem view

Just as I observe a tree and recognize its age, root structure, growth direction, and the impact of sunlight on its various parts, I can similarly perceive an organization as a living ecosystem. Over the course of a meeting with a small group of people, for instance, I can discern the power dynamics, the trajectory of the group, and the … Read More

Idea-sharing uplifts teams


Idea-sharing uplifts teams. Employees develop their skills and take pride in their contributions to building the business. This is a culture where collaboration and innovation drive growth. Companies will still profit but in a more sustainable way, with less stress and burnout. Maybe we need to rethink the current state of providing employee guidance that revolves around specific roles and … Read More