Build Your Community

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I find that people are using the word community more often and I hear it in multiple contexts: business, neighborhoods, sports, and government among others. People usually use the word to describe the act of bringing people together. Businesses and organizations often talk about building or establishing community with the intent to make stakeholders, employees, or even customers feel that they … Read More

Appreciate the emerging

red lights in a fountain

Appreciate emerging ideas rather than how people want the system to be. The closer you are to the source then the easier it is to shepherd a thought into reality. People don’t like what’s new at times because they don’t understand it or it threatens their way of being. Embracing change is the first step to evolving to what’s next.

Generative design will change manufacturing

Imagine being able to repair a piece of equipment with a part that was printed on your 3-D printer.  The ability to generate a  solution that is made to order and on-demand will not only save time, but will also enable people to solve their own problems.  Will it have an impact on mechanics and others that would otherwise be … Read More