Help–I need to make an ineffective team!

Here are a few tips: Get rid of accountability and responsibility. Have more management than people actually doing the work. Compartmentalize people and services. No transparency. Schedule meetings. And more meetings. Make them long. Don’t motivate or inspire employees. Solutions only get in the way of problems. Have more interest in managing rather than leading. Think inside the box. Do … Read More

Everyday design–not a process, but a mindset.

Here are thoughts that I’ve assembled for a talk that I’m preparing on creating impact with design: Treat everyone as a customer and with respect. Manners are important. Seek to help others even if you don’t have a clear cut solution ready to provide. This may open up new opportunities. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission. Don’t let processes slow … Read More

Reform or Reinvent Public Schools?

Part Four in this week’s series on Education. Matt Candler is the Founder and CEO of He makes a compelling case for taking action on public schools:  According to the organization’s website, “4.0 schools is a community of entrepreneurs, educators, and families that believes school can be dramatically better for every child. We equip entrepreneurial people to create new … Read More