Amazon Echo, deep context, and ambient computing

What will it look like when computers fade into the background? Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times describes Amazon’s vision–and the future is already here. It comes in the form of Amazon Echo. As an appliance, it is a hands-free speaker that is controllable by voice commands. Echo and other Alexa devices enable you to listen to music, control … Read More

Delivering personalization via automation

  The challenge that people face in a time of increased automation is delivering a personalized product or service. How do you deliver something in a way that looks and feels as though you created it yourself? Or that your manner of communicating with others conveys that you understand their needs and desires. When our communications are automated, it affects … Read More

Machines negotiating with humans

  Facebook has taught machines to engage in complex bargaining and basic dialogue. Although they lag behind the work that Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are doing in this space, they are making progress in developing an effective machine-human interface. Facebook teaches machines to negotiate with humans Facebook AI Research open-sources code for basic negotiation bots Facebook is building chatbots that … Read More