Cost, speed, and quality

cranes working

The technology to construct buildings hasn’t changed dramatically over the last decade.  Or the last 50 years for that matter.  The techniques to lay brick, erect steel, or pour concrete are generally the same.  Contractors are also putting up walls the same way with aluminum or wood studs with a layer of drywall.  The means and methods to build are … Read More


school canopy skylight

Things don’t have to be complicated.  This opening in a canopy at a local elementary school is made up of simple parts such as steel framing, wood decking, steel columns, and aluminum panels.  They were combined to create an inspiring form that allows light to shine through and enables kids to have a framed view of the sky regardless of … Read More

Unpacking culture

tables reflected in the glass

Some cultures can be tough to decipher—not unlike this picture that was taken at a local coffee shop. What’s going on in the image?  I was sitting inside the Philz at the Navy Yard on a weekend morning and captured this scene through three pieces of storefront glass.   It takes a few glances to make sense of the various forms … Read More