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Tension is the state of being stretched.  It can be caused by a force that either pulls or pushes another object, person, or situation.  Tension can be found in relationships between people, businesses, and groups of people.  In the natural world, it can be found on the surface of water as it resists an external force. Within a network of people, … Read More

Staying relevant

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If your business is relevant then it is competitive.  Maintaining relevance requires a consistent effort to keep your business in the minds of the people you are serving.  This includes both your current and future customers. Losing relevance means that you are no longer aligned with your customers.  It means that you are losing touch with what’s happening in your … Read More

How people work

Moon at night

There are a number of ways that people can accomplish tasks or complete their work:  early, on time, or late.  Or not at all.  The quality of a deliverable could always be consistent and people are persistent in getting it done.  Some people may take a circuitous path to get things done and others may work more directly.  If you … Read More