Breaking boundaries can be a dirty job.

Removing boundaries between people, places, and things is not for the faint of heart. Along the way you may be faced with any number of the following: Animosity, increased competition, disbelief, dismay, confusion, misdirection, misinformation, jealousy, obstruction, or anger. Very rarely will you receive thanks for what you are doing until your effort is complete and your vision is realized. … Read More

7 easy steps to develop an idea

Bouncing around ideas is easy and often fun. Creating a structure to develop a thought and bring it into reality requires more work. At a loss for what to do next? Start by answering the following questions: Who?What?Where?When?Why?How?How Much? Answering these questions should help you lay out a skeleton structure for your idea and start testing it with your customers. … Read More

Serendipity in design

Not everything can or should be planned. You may find that loosening up your hold on reality may be liberating. Inspiration or ideas may come from where you least expect it. Take a break from always thinking about the next steps and enjoy randomness. You never know what might turn up or where it will lead. In the following video, … Read More