Control systems

Walls, ceilings, floors, mountains, rivers, hills, and oceans, among others, are things that define our reality, and therefore us. Our environments shape how we develop. The words people use can also serve to define us. Words can be used to create virtual barriers. Have you ever said one of the following to someone? Don’t move. Don’t watch. Don’t talk. Don’t … Read More

Reality augmented

People want to connect with something authentic. What is authentic? Something real or something that can be touched. Or something that someone could relate to in some way. Honest may be another way to describe it. Without pretense is another. What about the virtual world? Is it authentic? What can explain the overwhelming attraction to Pokemon Go? For some, it … Read More

Foundations are necessary

In architecture, a general rule of thumb is that 60% of the cost of a new building is below ground. Building foundations are expensive and time consuming to construct. Get it wrong and what you do above ground will fail in time.   Your values are your foundation. If you don’t know what you stand for, then anything that you … Read More