How do you make money?

whiteboard notes startup

A lot of people talk about design and innovation, but fewer can translate it into economic value in the form of a new product or service. Living in the realm of ideas is very comfortable. The impressions of what could be are constantly moving, shifting, fading in and out, or blending and combining with other ideas. Some thoughts may crystallize and harden … Read More

Creating space

gravel path in landscape

Creating space could: Help you stand out from the crowd Separate you from others Enable you to receive a pass Spread an offense or defense Define an area Give you time to yourself Help you see the signal in the noise Creating space requires you to push or step away from people, places, and things.  A few thoughts to consider: … Read More


school canopy skylight

Things don’t have to be complicated.  This opening in a canopy at a local elementary school is made up of simple parts such as steel framing, wood decking, steel columns, and aluminum panels.  They were combined to create an inspiring form that allows light to shine through and enables kids to have a framed view of the sky regardless of … Read More