Reform or Reinvent Public Schools?

Part Four in this week’s series on Education. Matt Candler is the Founder and CEO of He makes a compelling case for taking action on public schools:  According to the organization’s website, “4.0 schools is a community of entrepreneurs, educators, and families that believes school can be dramatically better for every child. We equip entrepreneurial people to create new … Read More

Education: 9 Books and 7 Videos that Will Change Your Perspective

Photo by hxdyl/iStock / Getty Images Part Two in this week’s series of posts on Education. Interested in changing your perspective on education?  Start with the reading and video lists below. The books and videos included will help one gain perspective on what kind of work needs to be done to improve the way children and adults learn, both individually and … Read More

Simple Solutions

Why do people make things complicated? Because it is easier to develop a complex solution than it is to create something simple. The creation of a simple, elegant solution requires discipline and the ability to make hard choices about what you really need.