On gimmickry

modern art in rosslyn

You may be dealing with a gimmick if… …you can’t explain why you’ve made a particular choice. …you’ve added an element or a feature just to make a sale. …you want your product or service to look similar to someone else’s idea. …you want to make a product more successful by adding unneeded features. The use of a gimmick is … Read More

The ideal future

blue skies

The future of work is no work.  It’s play. The future of design is no design. Everyone understands that everything has a time and place. The future of branding is no branding. Brands will become part of the background and they won’t fight for our attention. The future of technology is low-tech. Minimize our relationship with tools and maximize human contact. … Read More

Intentional communication

fountain at hirschhorn museum

Communicating with people through a machine is effortless. Well, almost. Energy is required to input your message into a phone, email, tweet, text, or direct message on one of a variety of tools such as a phone, app, or network. Once your message has been crafted, it’s easy to spread it quickly and without friction. “In a properly automated and … Read More