Re-conceptualize Business

Business needs to be re-conceptualized as building community.  Leaders within this social system serve as facilitators to manage the interactions between the constituent parts.  In order to work effectively as a community, people need space, a sense they are contributing, and the capacity to relate to others. Inflexibility can disable an organization.


I found this interview in The Telegraph with Ian Bremmer to be interesting and I’ve added his new book Superpower to my reading list.  Regarding the comments made about China, I remembered reading this insightful article in the Harvard Business Review last year on Chinese innovation. After reading Mr. Foster’s interview with Mr. Bremmer, I was left wondering about the nature of strategy in a volatile, … Read More


Photo by Bimbimkha007/iStock / Getty Images The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that it is impossible to predict, measure, or know both the exact position of an object and its exact momentum at the same time.   Businesses can use data to predict, measure, and know the exact position of an entity at a moment in time.  This information could be … Read More