Don’t keep thoughts to yourself.

Keeping ideas and thoughts to yourself is a good way to inhibit your growth. Yes, there are concerns of being tactful and saying the wrong things at the wrong time. But, if you are mindful of what you are saying and you work to interject at just the right moment, then you can make a powerful impact in any situation. … Read More

Give ideas consideration.

As the head of your organization, you may have a strong vision about where you and your team need to go. You are making sure that all aspects of your business are in alignment and that people are working together to help you achieve specific organizational goals. But, how do you deal with novelty? New ideas or new perspectives can … Read More

Know your problem.

The pressure to create can be crushing. However, it’s easy when you know what problem you are solving. Define the problem, then jump into the problem solving process. You are wasting your time, otherwise.