I recently finished watching Alex Gibney’s 2015 film Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. The tagline for the movie is “Bold. Brilliant. Brutal.” The movie was informative and I learned one key piece of information about Jobs:  he was relentless. Whether creating, selling, or handling professional and personal relationships, Jobs possessed an intensity that drove him to never stop pushing the … Read More

Standing Up

Why does everything start to look and sound the same after a period of time?  At these moments, I stand up, take a look around, and assess the situation.  I very often find that this is the point at which I need to make a change.  Having the courage to stand up is often the toughest step.

Creating Flow

Removing barriers is necessary to create flow. Obstacles can exist mentally and physically, and can be imposed on us by others. Removal of these ties that bind people to existing mental or physical states requires discipline and mindfulness. The mental barriers can be the toughest to overcome. Creating flow in our daily lives allows people to move fluidly between activities, relationships, and … Read More