Process and outcome

cup of coffee

Processes are repeatable, and outcomes are generally not.  Factors may change along the way that impacts what you are able to do.  However, the steps people take can be recreated regardless of the context.  A process can also serve to bring people together and that alone can be more valuable than any amount of profit.  A process can build a … Read More

Strong bonds

Anacostia park

Building a successful business ecosystem is dependent upon unifying all aspects of an organization. The vision of the leader serves as the guiding force as a company develops over time. Information, materials, products, and services need to flow easily from point to point or from person to person across an organization’s network. Friction impedes flow. Disgruntled or disillusioned employees, ineffective communications … Read More

Time doesn’t wait

decaying stadium

Businesses can age like people. Decay can set in with a dim outlook, poor financial health, and bad decision-making. A bright vision, a plan of action, and a willingness to take chances can keep a business continually relevant. Time doesn’t wait. [Photo: Abandoned RFK Stadium in Washington, DC]