Nothing is fixed, so be flexible.

If everything is a living system, then the world is constantly in flux. Nothing is fixed. So, why do people act like things are not going to change? Change should be welcomed as an opportunity to recreate the present. Keeping pace with change and not fighting it is the challenge.

Your brain on AlphaGo.

The recent Go match between the AI AlphaGo and Lee Sodol was fascinating. Several observers noted that they were impressed by the AI’s play and certainly learned something.  Here’s what I picked up: When making moves from a broad perspective, your actions may not make complete sense to an observer. In fact, you may experiment more than people realize as … Read More

Are you jacked in? It looks like it.

I’m currently on the road and noticed something. Between leaving the airport in Washington, DC, transferring in Frankfurt, arriving in Madrid, and then spending time in the city, I found that most people were walking around staring at their smartphones. I thought this might just be an American phenomena. There were hundreds of people gathered in the Plaza del Sol … Read More