When change accelerates


It appears that the new normal in business is dynamic and emerging. People would also probably include words like, agile, lean, mindful, or innovative. Will there ever be a point in time when it’s fashionable to be fixed, permanent, or static? I believe that life has always been constantly moving, changing, and shifting. However, our approach to how we interface … Read More

Becoming history

monument temple picture

A hub can be defined as a central structure that connects to a periphery. Wheels have hubs as well as some buildings and organizations. A hub may also indicate a function that ties together other parts of the business or it could be the core. Remove the hub from an organization and the elements on the periphery may die. Alternatively, … Read More

Achieving invisibility

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The best design is invisible. The best marketing is invisible. The best technology is invisible. What is it with invisibility? The idea is that brands or products should be seen but not heard.  People should be aware of their existence, but they should not insert themselves into our lives against our permission. Otherwise, people will quickly tire of them. There’s a … Read More