In irons

mast of a sailboat

A sailboat that is in irons is pointed into the wind and has no forward momentum.  Getting out of this predicament typically involves letting the boat drift backward with the rudder turned to one side or another.  Eventually, the boat will turn so that the sail can catch the wind again. When you’ve stagnated or hit a plateau, sometimes it’s … Read More



Sometimes the only way out is through.  As nice as it might be to take a short cut or find a workaround it’s not always possible at first. Tackling a problem head-on and working through it step by step forces you to set priorities and make choices. Only after understanding what you’re working with can you start to see how to … Read More


red solar flare

How do companies evolve? Passion for what you create, commitment to core values, and thinking long-term. I am often asked this and other questions by leaders to help them overcome a particular problem.  More often than not the answers to their questions may be something they don’t want to hear. Getting to the heart of the real issues often involves … Read More