Getting engaged is a matter of choice. Technology can certainly make it easier for people to get involved and it may also help bring people closer. But, it won’t get people excited or enthusiastic about committing to a cause, movement, or some personal goal. That’s up to you.  

Chasing overnight success

sunrise in the city

I enjoy reading about overnight success stories in business.  These are people or companies that have struck gold with new products or services.  Being in the right place at the right time seems to help as does having the right connections.  Clever marketing schemes have helped some brands.  Regardless of what is being offered, I’m actually more interested in the backstory … Read More

Digital tools


Understanding what people really need is the key to understanding how to advocate for them. Digital tools and processes can help you reach a large group of people very quickly, and assist in quickly analyzing data. Even after a useful sample of data has been gathered, the information can be used in multiple ways. Digital technology is a great way … Read More