Striking the right balance

Innovation is often lauded as the key to success in business. After all, it is through innovation that new products and services are developed, and it is by being innovative that companies can stay ahead of the competition. However, a company can become so focused on innovation that it actually stifles creativity and hinders progress. This can happen when ideas … Read More

Loose Ends

Everyone has loose ends in their lives. Maybe it’s a project you started but never finished or a promise you made but never kept. Perhaps it’s a relationship that fizzled out before it ever really got started. Whatever the case may be, loose ends can be frustrating and even haunting. They remind us of our own failure to follow through … Read More

The long take

The long take is a signature element of great filmmaking, one that allows directors to explore the fullest potential of their craft. By eschewing traditional editing techniques in favor of extended uninterrupted shots, directors are able to create a sense of realism and immediacy that can be captivating. This approach can also be seen in the business world, where a … Read More