The lure of information

books on a shelf

Access to information can create a sense of urgency.  Incoming texts, emails, or social media alerts can make you feel like you need to respond to them.  A notification on your phone can shift your awareness from one thing to another.  Without the discipline to ignore the message or postpone looking at it until later, you can easily get sucked into … Read More

Expanding networks and slow growth


Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  It’s easy to connect with people through a social network.  Gathering new clicks, likes, and views is as easy as tapping the screen of a smartphone.  It’s frictionless. Converting that new acquaintance into a meaningful relationship is something else altogether.  In the slow economy of in-person, face to face interactions, it may take two people … Read More

The human-tech relationship

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Humans create technology and it creates us. It impacts how we think about doing business and how we relate to others. Technology can help expand our awareness, bring people closer, and increase the speed of production. It can also separate us. Technology can be hard to avoid, particularly when we can’t always perceive that it is there. At times, it … Read More