school canopy skylight

Things don’t have to be complicated.  This opening in a canopy at a local elementary school is made up of simple parts such as steel framing, wood decking, steel columns, and aluminum panels.  They were combined to create an inspiring form that allows light to shine through and enables kids to have a framed view of the sky regardless of … Read More

Making your own rules

modern architecture

As a child, I was exposed to a wide variety of music by my mother and father. I have particularly clear memories of listening to the soundtrack of Walt Disney’s Fantasia (1940). The album was a two-record set that came with an illustrated cover that opened like a book and I would follow along with the pictures as the various … Read More

Open and transparent

capitol dome reflection

People and organizations often describe themselves as being open and transparent. Social media enables one to see facets of a person or an organization, but not always the whole. The mind creates an image of the whole based on the collection of pieces, which may not be an accurate representation of reality. I was reminded of this on a recent … Read More