It’s about implementation

build and implement

You have a clear technology strategy.  Check. The company understands the landscape in which they are working.  Check. The technology strategy is aligned with what you want your business to achieve.  Check. The technology solution will create efficiency.  Check. The investment in this technology will drive an ROI.  Check. The company has thought through how to implement this new solution.  … Read More

The future of schools


The future of schools is in the hands of the people that use them. Due to the slow rate of change people are making hard choices about what is best for their children and seeking out better options. In some cases, people are starting their own schools with the intent of reinventing or rethinking them. People that are interested in … Read More

Manmade systems and digital growth

Spinning light in a circle

Manmade systems include forms of government, communications, highways and roads, medical services, food production, package delivery, and even cars.  These systems have developed to support the lives of humans, especially those living a sedentary lifestyle in towns, cities, and urban areas. The Industrial Revolution, from 1760 to 1840, fundamentally changed the way humans work, play and live.  A similar revolution … Read More