Intentional communication

fountain at hirschhorn museum

Communicating with people through a machine is effortless. Well, almost. Energy is required to input your message into a phone, email, tweet, text, or direct message on one of a variety of tools such as a phone, app, or network. Once your message has been crafted, it’s easy to spread it quickly and without friction. “In a properly automated and … Read More

On being modern

modern museum

Modern can look easy.  The clean lines, fine details, and pure forms can look deceptively easy to make.  “Anyone could have designed that!” might be something said about a new sleek glass building or new simple furniture. The reality is much different.  Creating modern objects, whether it’s architecture, products, or new technology, constantly involves distilling, defining, and stripping away.  The … Read More

Living locally

general store in small town

Most people just need someone to talk to. Or someone to listen to their thoughts and concerns. Someone with whom to share a dream or vision. So why are people more inclined to talk to people through their phones or computers rather than deal with them in person? It might be because it is easier. Talking to someone in person … Read More